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We use the same welded construction inside and out as all of our other deer blinds. This blind was built with the bowhunter in mind. With 5 - 4' x 8” vertical windows strategically placed around the hunter, we have minimized the blind spots to mere inches. And with a 6’ x 6’ octagon shape, shooting comfort while standing is a breeze. Not to mention the ability to sit and kneel and still be able to shoot with a bow or a gun is what makes this blind unique.

We offer quantity discounts on all blinds

Delivery and setup is available upon request. Call or email for quote...

Normally, leveling and securing takes about an hour, we allow an hour and a half. Any time after that there will be a charge of $55.00 a man hour if the area is not prepped or getting into a location is difficult.

The blind comes complete with:

  • Bow Hangers
  • Fold-down Shelving
  • Vertical Camouflage Bow Windows
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