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Steel Deer Feeder 1000lb Spin Cast

Built with all the same features and advantages as the 500lb capacity spin deer feeder, we constructed this deer feeder for the landowner who doesn’t have the time to spend refilling their feeder and who resides a good distance from their property. Ensuring that feed is being distributed between visits and with a larger capacity, also allows more feed times as well. Our goal was to build a deer feeder that gave You, the customer, the best of all three worlds in a deer feeding system. By combining these three key ingredients, we have met our goal...

  • Solar panel battery charging
  • High-quality spin-cast motor system
  • Large holding capacity

With these 3 elements all wrapped up within an all-steel, all-welded box, frame, and critter deterrent cage, you can be confident that your investment in Steel Outdoors will work for you when you aren't even there.

If you're looking to have the best of both worlds, you can turn your Automatic feeder into one of our all Steel gravity feeders with the 3 chute gravity adapter.
It's simple: 2 bolts remove the cage, 4 bolts remove the motor assembly and the same 4 bolts attach the 3 chute adapter. It takes about 15 minutes.

We also offer quantity discounts on 3 or more of all low-bay and automatic spin-feeders. A $25.00 discount will be given on each feeder when 3 or more are purchased.

Shipping is available and when shipping multiple units price does vary depending upon location and feeder size, call or email for quote...