Varmint and Raccoon Proof Deer Feeders

Keeping the elements and the Varmints out starts with above average equipment!







All 6 of these are wreaking havoc on your old wooden trough deer feeder. Studies have shown that all predators are territorial. That means they mark their home range with the scent of urine and feces, and, yes, they do it in your trough deer feeder as well.

An average raccoon can also consume as much as 5 pounds of food a night while storing fat for winter. With year round feeding that comes to about 1,825 lbs. of feed a year per Raccoon!

Raccoon Proof Feeders

You do the math

  • 5 raccoons = 9,125 lbs. a year =
  • 10 raccoons = 18,250 lbs. a year =
  • 20 raccoons = 36,500 lbs. a year =

Financially the numbers are staggering. Add in the factor that when these critters claim homestead in your trough feeder, whitetails WILL move on to other sources. At Steel Outdoors, we have worked hard at building a line of both gravity and timed deer feeders that will eliminate 99% of these pesky critters. From the center leg design, angled spouts, solid lid and all steel construction, critter contamination has been eliminated. Stop feeding predators and watching your money mildew from moisture and humidity. Allow us to help your long term investment bring in "BIG" dividends.