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Steel Truck & ATV Receiver Hitch Deer Feeder

The 150 lb Capacity Receiver Hitch deer feeder is built just as all Steel Outdoors products—built to last with little maintenance required. The spring and centrifugal system work hand in hand only allowing feed to be distributed while in the on position with the hand controller. When in the off position, the spring pushes the plate upward closing the plate and stopping the flow of feed. Perfectly designed for the hunter on the go with 150 lb. capacity and a no-spill centrifugal spin system.

We also offer quantity discounts on 3 or more of all low-bay and automatic spin-feeders. A $25.00 discount will be given on each feeder when 3 or more are purchased.

Shipping is available and when shipping multiple units price does vary depending upon location and feeder size, call or email for quote...