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110LB Capacity Fish Feeder:

If you’re a landowner, manager, or just an outdoorsman in general. Spring is this time of new growth. And this means all critters whether they swim, fly walk, or crawl is coming out of a long hard winter, so food and nutrition are a major part of the winter stress recovery.

In any body of water feeding fish on a regular basis is important and can be beneficial to the health of the ecosystem surrounding your area.

Fish feeders ultimately help balance a lake or pond's predators and prey. Forage fish are smaller like minnows and bluegill. Fish feed is a great way to help support a base food chain and to help ensure a healthy fish community.

The 110lb capacity Steel Outdoors Automatic Fish Feeder comes with:

All-metal construction for long-lasting durability in all weather conditions

  • The unique spinner plate and patented vibrating internal agitator design provide optimum anti-clog performance and enhanced reliability
  • Clump-busting cage and powder coating improve flow with multiple feed types
  • Varmint-proof feed chute with adjustable pitch throws feed up to 45 feet in one direction
  • Digital timer on cord extends for easy programming of feed times
  • Powered by a 12-volt battery (included)

Shipping is available and when shipping multiple units price does vary depending upon location and feeder size, call or email for quote...